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August SMBMSP ListenUp!

August 2010 Episode – Recorded using TalkShoe on August 26th, 2010

Hosts: Rick Mahn (@RickMahn) and Mykl Roventine (@MyklRoventine)


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SMBMSP 29 – State Fair Social

Social Media on a Stick!We’re doing it up again! Social media and your favorite food on a stick! We’ll be talking SocMed with vendors from the fair and hearing from the United Way after wrapping up their Dream Team social media fundraising efforts in August. Continue reading

Answering Questions – What's Next for SMBMSP

In an effort to answer many of the questions raised in conversations yesterday, I want to take this opportunity to clear up confusion and answer those questions.

We believe there is more that Social Media Breakfast MSP can do and we’ve got plans in motion to provide those additional services. Wondering what these plans and “additional services” are? Here’s an overview of what’s coming shortly.

  • Event Organization (Breakfasts, Evening events, Tweetups, Specialized)
  • Training Options (Webinar, Classroom, Customized for business clients)
  • Tiered Membership Model (Free, Pro, Premium)
  • Advanced Community Participation (Leadership Council, Mentoring & Internships)

In an effort to take the services of Social Media Breakfast MSP to the next level, we are instituting a tiered membership model. Continue reading

SMBMSP Changes & Your Concerns

Hi folks, a quick note is in order about the upcoming SMBMSP at the Great Minnesota Get-Together, aka the Minnesota State Fair!

This is the first event we’re charging for, and while I know this seems like a sudden change, it is one that positions SMBMSP to better answer the needs of our community. We (that means mostly Rick and quite often Mykl, but also a number of other people), want to make each event really valuable. So far we’ve gotten really lucky in doing this because of our strong community and the support it gives in ideas and topics and connections. Continue reading

Welcome To What's Next

SMBMSPWelcome to one of the next stages in the growth of SMBMSP! A new look for sure, but more importantly, a new platform for our community to grow around as well.

Many astute readers will recognize this site to be running on WordPress.  You’re correct!  What better platform to move SMBMSP to while we grow in new ways.  Especially when a lot of the things we want to focus on in coming months is as much on content and media as well as education and services. Continue reading

July SMBMSP ListenUp!

July 2010 Episode – Recorded live at SMBMSP #28 on July 23rd, 2010

Hosts: Rick Mahn (@RickMahn) and Mykl Roventine (@MyklRoventine)

Guest: Catherine Tryon (@CatherineTryon), coordinator of SMB LaCrosse (WI)

Links mentioned:

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June SMBMSP ListenUp!

June 2010 Episode – Recorded Live on June 26, 2010 at UnSummit4

Hosts: Rick Mahn (@RickMahn) and Mykl Roventine (@MyklRoventine)


Mentioned during the podcast:

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SMBMSP 28 – Small Business Gets Social

More details will be coming soon, but our 28th breakfast event will be held on Friday morning, July 23rd at Deluxe Corporation in Shoreview. We’re hoping for sunny weather as we’ll be outside on the lawn talking about how small business is embracing social media. Continue reading

What are your questions for Social Media in Sports?

Hey there everybody, I thought we’d give you the change to tell us your questions for SMBMSP 27. We’ve got a great sports panel that is going to talk about how they use social media for their organizations, teams, fans, and more. Here’s the list:

  • Candice Wiggins of the Minnesota Lynx (@CandiceWiggins)
  • Greg Litman from WCCO (@GRLitman)
  • Matt Teske from the St. Paul Saints (@StPaulSaints)
  • Scott Spiridigliozzi from the Minnesota Timberwolves (@Liozzi)
  • Austin Stair Calhoun from the UM Tucker Center (@austinstair)

So what questions do you have for any of these folks? Continue reading

Blog posts on SMBMSP

Hello Everyone, Rick Mahn here, and I wanted to share some thoughts and changes on the blog portion of the Ning site for SMBMSP. As our group grows and the opportunities for sharing things with the group increase I see a need to start moderating the blog area of SMBMSP.org more closely. I was going to wait to introduce this idea with the site redesign later this summer, but with the number of single-link posts, and non-SMBMSP related event promotions being posted I wanted to clarify a few things. Continue reading