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Join SMBMSP Director Mykl Roventine (@MyklRoventine) and co-host Meg Knodl (@DotMeg) each month for interesting guests, updates and insights into SMBMSP events and much more!

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Social Media Boombox Episode 1 – Phil Wilson

We’re relaunching our podcast! It’s been so long we did one so we decided to reboot the whole thing and start over. We’ll be bringing you a new episode every other week. For now you can listen here, on iTunes, or SoundCloud.

In this episode we interview Phil Wilson (@philson) and discuss Mobile March and his new role as General Manager of the Minneapolis BuzzFeed office.

Hosted by myself (@myklroventine) & Meg Knodl (@DotMeg), with Alena Finsky (@alenafinsky)

Episode sponsor: St. Kate’s MBA program

Links mentioned in this episode:
Mobile March (tickets still available)
Minnov8 Gang Podcast

Music: “Sexy Dubstep” by chandubaba on, “womp” by mikobuntu on

Flickr photo by Bernhard Benke

December 2012 SMBMP Podcast

Recorded on December 9, 2012
Host: Mykl Roventine (@MyklRoventine) and Missy Berggren (@MarketingMama)

Tickets still available for SMBMSP #52: Jumping Tracks – Tales of Radical Career Shifts on December 21

Our guest:

Amber Carter(@ambercolorlife), blogger at An Amber-Colored Life , SMBMSP#52 panelist and the author of the new book(s) All the Things You Never Knew and Certain Things You Ought to Know.

Episode Sponsor:
Verizon WirelessVerizon Wireless Midwest Area

Links mentioned on this episode:
Buy Amber’s Books
Amber’s geek gift picks: Coloring pages of photosLennyMud on Etsy
Missy’s geek gift picks: Custom iPhone cases ( or & iPhone bike mount
Mykl’s geek gift picks: Grow-your-own-coffeebacon scarfSMBMSP Thong

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November 2012 SMBMSP Podcast

Recorded on November 13, 2012
Host: Mykl Roventine (@MyklRoventine) and Missy Berggren (@MarketingMama)

Tickets still available for SMBMSP #51 on November 16:
SMBMSP#51: Online Video

Our guests:

Jake Loesch (@jakeloesch), Deputy Communications Director for Minnesotans United, discusses how their Vote No campaign defeated a proposed state amendment in last week’s election.

Jeff Achen (@jeffachen), Digital strategist for GiveMN, shares the details about the upcoming Give to the Max Day on 11/15.

Links mentioned:
Give to the Max Day
Missy’s GTMD picks: NEAR Food Shelf,  Food Allergy Support Group of Minnesota
Mykl’s GTMD Pick: Cheerful Givers

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October 2012 SMBMSP Podcast

Recorded on October 24, 2012
Host: Mykl Roventine (@MyklRoventine) and Meg Knodl (@DotMeg)

Tickets still available for SMBMSP #50 on October 26:
SMBMSP#50: Music & Social Media (+ A Very Special Celebration)

Our guests:

Rick Mahn (@rickmahn), Senior IT Architect – Deployment Technologies and founder of Social Media Breakfast – Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Bryan Person (@bryanperson), Director of Customer Success at Lithium Technologies and founder of Social Media Breakfast.

Thanks to our episode sponsor:
Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room –

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September 2012 SMBMSP Podcast

Recorded on September 6, 2012
Host: Mykl Roventine (@MyklRoventine) and Meg Knodl (@DotMeg)

Our special guest:

Erika Napoletano (@RedheadWriting), the fire-y voice behind RedheadWriting.comand the author of the new book, The Power of UnPopular: A Guide to Building Your Brand For The Audience Who Will LOVE You (And Why No One Else Matters).

Meet Erika:
We’re having an After Hours event featuring Erika and her book on September 13 in Minneapolis – Tickets are still available at

Thanks to our After Hours event sponsors:
Kane Consulting
Clockwork Active Media Systems
MIMA  - Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association
CoCo – Coworking & Collaborative Space

Links mentioned:
Erika’s website
Unpopular Book site
Erika’s Blog
Erika at Entrepreneur Magazine
Amber L. Carter

Thanks to our episode sponsor:
CoCo – Coworking & Collaborative Space

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Womp (from dubstep-beats1) by mikobuntu

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