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Since it’s founding, SMBMSP has been a regularly occurring event where like minded folks across the Twin Cities get together to share & learn about social media.

Online membership has grown to over 2,300 professionals from all different disciplines, and many partnerships, jobs, career changes, and friendships have blossomed because of this group’s ability to connect people who enjoy sharing what they know! More »

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SMBMSP #73 Recap: Building Brand and Employee Advocacy


At our December 19th meeting, David Witt spoke to us about building brand and employee advocacy. Witt is the Midwest Leader for WCG, an interactive communications agency specializing in social analytics. His previous roles include Director of Global Digital Marketing and Brand PR for Hershey as well as Senior Manager of Consumer Engagement at General Mills.

In his presentation, Witt defined advocacy marketing and provided actionable steps for creating a strategy around brand and employee advocacy. Here are the highlights for those who missed it:

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Video from SMBMSP #73 – How to Inspire your Employees & Customers to Become Online Advocates

SMBMSP #73 – How to Inspire your Employees & Customers to Become Online Advocates  featured speaker David Witt, WCG, Leader, Mid-West Region; Group Director, Brand Strategy and Engagement. Recorded Friday, December 19, 2014 at 514 Studios in Minneapolis, MN Continue reading

SMBMSP #72 Recap: “Magicable” Social Media Case Studies


It was a packed house at 514 Studios on November 21 for our Social Media Case Studies event. With bacon and coffee in hand, we had the opportunity to hear from three local social media pros:

Jaclyn Grossfield – Land O’ Lakes Mother’s Day Giveaway


Jaclyn opened with a presentation on a Mother’s Day Giveaway that Exponent PR conducted for Land O’ Lakes. Exponent’s goal for the campaign was to “build lasting connections through belief in the brand.” They targeted Mother’s Day because it was timely and relevant for the brand, and because it can be lucrative: 96% of consumers celebrate Mother’s Day each year and spend an average of $126.90 on their moms. Continue reading

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